Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!

I came across this interesting KL story of an unusual pickup during a dreadful weather situation. The location was near the old airport, along I believe Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, apparently somewhere behind the Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka building.

'Twas a stormy night, as the story began. A driver, a young Chinese man-about-town, was driving along said road when he spied a poor lady by a bus stand, totally drenched to the skin , if not drowned, in the heavy downpour.

Now, our hero was the gallant sort. Seeing how the poor lady was being unkindly punished by the cruel elements, he did the right thing. He stopped to offer her a lift.

When the grateful lady climbed into his car, he noticed that she was shivering because of her wet dress. So our Sir Galahad took off his jacket and wrapped it around the young demure sweetie. She whispered her thanks ever so softly.

During the drive to her house, he slyly noticed just how beautiful the woman was. He reckoned she must be around 20. But she was very pale - probably, he thought, from the chill of being drenched so mercilessly. He hoped she won't catch pneumonia.

What’s your name, he asked, and she replied shyly that it was Maggie. He thought to himself: "Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, how very Irish for a Chinese girl, but how delightfully enchanting."

When they arrived at her place, after a quick thank you, the woman dashed into her house, still with his jacket on. But our Sir thought that would just provide a perfect excuse for him to look up the beauty. The circumstances were all ngam ngam* set up for a subsequent, perhaps more romantic encounter.

* perfectly

So he was quite happy to leave it to a more auspicious day to pay Maggie a visit, on the excuse of recovering the jacket.

That day came when he dropped into her house. He introduced himself to the elderly couple, who met him at the door. They were probably her grandparents from the looks of their rather vintage years. He explained politely he was there to recover his jacket from Maggie.

The elderly couple gave each other a quick look before they invited him in. He could have sworn that they shook their heads mildly, as if in resignation over something.

Hmmm, perhaps their granddaughter was a fairly wild one, and grandparents must be exasperated by another male friend visiting again. Yahooooo, maybe he had hit the jackpot this time!

They took him inside the house until they stood in front of a photo on the wall, and asked whether the lady he helped was the person in the photo? Yes, he replied, delighted to see the same sweet beautiful face in the framed picture.

The old couple added: "She's our daughter", which surprised the visitor because both must be more than 75 years old, whilst the young women would be only around 20.

What he heard next chilled him to the very core of his body. The old man said: “She passed away some 30 years ago.”

But it couldn’t be, he protested, reminding them he brought her home just two days ago. Perhaps there might be another young woman in the house?

Alas, no, the old lady replied: “From time to time she would appear next to the cemetery where she’s buried, and hitch a ride home.”

The man still refused to believe them, by now convinced that they were being protective of her, and perhaps trying to throw him off from the trail of their beautiful granddaughter. Anyway, they offered him directions to her grave.

As he couldn’t get any further with them, he decided to satisfy himself they had been lying through their teeth about an impossible dead daughter. He went to the cemetery along Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama (Old Airport Road), using their directions, and arrived at the described grave.

There, he was shocked to see the beauty’s photograph on the tombstone, and behind the headstone, lying on the mould of earth, was his jacket.

The ending to this very well-known KL story varies – some said he didn’t recover from his shock and passed away shortly after, while others said he never ever drove along Old Airport Road again.

Now, read kaytee’s personal and almost similar experience in Senjakala.

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kittykat46 said...

Hehehe...I used to go past the big Chinese cemetery by the Old Airport Road frequently.
Yeah, its quite lonely and spooky at night...